For cinema-goers, an usherette tray with straps may be a familiar sight but here we look at what makes usherette trays so effective for vending and sampling in many situations. 

Branded Usherette Trays For Product Sampling 

Having an usherette tray with straps that is also branded with company or product colours and logos can be an effective vending and sampling tool. 

This is because vendor trays that are branded provide recognition and reinforcement of brand values and messages in a very visible way. 

Instead of being interuptive or unwanted and thus subject to perceptual defence, customers are attracted to branded usherette trays for positive reinforcement. 

The sight of an usherette tray with straps is usually a sign that food or other rewards that could supply pleasure and gratification are nearby. 

With branding to reinforce and remind, this can inform and increase the desire to go towards the person with the usherette tray. 

Usherette trays are relatively small and thus can attract a crowd or a queue – the server / usher can only serve one at a time. 

Far from being a drawback, the social proof and positive reward perceptions associated with queues, and the thought of being left out can make the desire and intrigue to queue stronger. 

usherette tray with strap

Usherette Trays Provide Mobility and Customer Engagement Opportunities 

A branded usherette tray with a strap enables the vendor to get in amongst any crowd in any space, and choose the best pitch, or allows them to remain mobile to maximise coverage. 

With an usherette tray, each encounter with a customer is a personal service moment which is valued by customers. 

Selling or distributing samples from an usherette tray with a strap is also a chance to gather feedback, gauge customer reactions, and answer questions. 

branded usherette tray wicker

Usherette Trays – Complete Flexibility For Branding And No Competition 

One person carrying an usherette tray with straps can move to the customer, something which a person on a fixed stall pitch cannot do. 

Also, unlike having to compete with different shops or stalls to attract customers, a person with an usherette tray can position themselves in a spot where there is no competition for attention. 

The mobility aspect means that they can also position themselves where they are hard to avoid /where they will achieve maximum visibility. 

For these reasons, an usherette tray with a strap can be a highly effective selling, sampling, brand reinforcing/reminding, and promotional tool.