In a world that is increasingly driven by technology, it is easy to forget the value of personal, face to face experiences. However, in the world of marketing, personal interactions are still essential. Here’s why personal interactions that take place between someone with an usherette tray and customers can be so valuable.

Build relationships and gather information

The first reason why personal, face to face interactions are important in marketing is that they allow you to build relationships with potential customers. When you meet someone in person, you have the opportunity to shake their hand, look them in the eye, and get to know them on a personal level. This is something that you can’t do when you’re communicating via email or social media. If, for example, you strike up a conversation with someone at a trade show because you are distributing free samples, or selling products from an usherette tray, this meeting could lead to sales further down the line. It could also lead to the gathering of valuable information and insights e.g., about competitors activities.

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Answer questions, address concerns – remove barriers and objections

Another reason why personal interactions are important is that they give you the opportunity to answer questions and address concerns right away. When you’re speaking with someone face to face, they can ask you questions and you can provide them with answers immediately. This is a much more effective way of communication than sending an email or direct message, which can often get lost in translation. If, for example, carrying a branded usherette tray with product samples leads to trial of the product and the customer has more questions about the product you can answer on the spot, this can remove objections and barriers to sales and could lead to orders.

Sell the product and its benefits

Finally, personal interactions give you the chance to really sell your product or service. When you’re speaking with someone one on one, you can highlight all of the features and benefits of what you’re offering in a way that is much more likely to result in a sale than if you were just posting about it online. If a customer is able to see, touch, and taste the products that you have in a branded usherette tray, you can emphasise the products benefits on the spot and perhaps tell the customer about other products in the range.

Usherette trays – a valuable face-to-face marketing tool

Personal, face to face interactions are still an important part of marketing because they allow you to build relationships, address concerns, and sell products or services effectively. In a world that is increasingly driven by technology, it is easy to forget the value of personal interaction but doing so would be a mistake. Usherette trays and sampling trays provide opportunities for valuable face-to-face interactions.