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The Best Way To Use Sampling Trays

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Usherette trays, sampling trays, vending trays – they all serve the same purpose: promoting and holding samples and products in a convenient and accessible way. But there are a few key ways to make sure that your sampling trays usage is as effective as possible. Here are our top tips! What are usherette trays and sampling [...]

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What Are Usherette Trays and How Can They Be Used?

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Usherette trays are a type of vending tray that is used to carry and distribute food, beverages, and other items in movie theatres, arenas, stadiums, and other venues. They are typically made from durable materials such as plastic, wicker, or even cardboard, and can be fully custom branded with or logos, company colours, and marketing messages. [...]

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The History of Usherette Trays

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Usherette Trays have a long history, much of it in the UK associated with theatres and cinemas with ice cream usherette trays. Dating back to the 19th century, usherette trays/vendor trays have been used as a sales and promotions tool and a way for cinema and theatre-goers to buy products in intervals without having to leave [...]

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Spotlight on: Plastic Usherette Trays

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Our plastic Usherette Trays are the original in the concession tray range here at Usherette Trays. Since we launched 10 years ago, we have expanded our range hugely to become the supplier of the biggest range of coloured plastic concession trays (and more recently wicker vendor trays) in the world!

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