It’s that time of year again where we can smell Panto season in the air.  That means theatres everywhere are gearing up for a jam packed schedule of live performances, painting scenery, designing costumes and printing posters.  On top of all of this is looking how to make the experience the very best one possible for their customers and food and drink sales play a very large part in this.

So today we’re talking about Popcorn Usherette Trays.  That’s right, popcorn sales using Usherette Trays.  You may think of the theatre and immediately think ice-cream usherette trays.  But, in the middle of winter, a warming portion of popcorn is welcomed and even better it can be served in the aisles of the theatre so customers don’t have to battle their way to the refreshment stand during the interval.

What does this mean for the Theatres?

Well, yes popcorn usherette trays are very well received by customers during the interval at theatres.  But what does this mean for the bottom line of the theatre?

Providing extra outlets to sell refreshments at some of the busiest performances of the year means shorter queues and more sales.  By reaching people who might not have wanted to stand in the long line at the refreshment stand, or not had enough time to after queuing for the loo, popcorn usherette trays can provide a welcome opportunity for these people to get served.  And additional sales for the theatre too.

Popcorn usherette trays can also encourage people who didn’t even know there was popcorn available to make a purchase as they can see it in front of them without having even left their seats.  The aroma fills the air and it doesn’t take long for people to realise they can buy without having to leave the theatre.

Using the branding options available at Usherette Trays, you can get your branding, sales and marketing messaging seen.  With use of our double sided over-head banners, customers can clearly spot you in a crowd.  Print your menu on here and customers can be making their choice while they are waiting.

Why We Love Them

We love popcorn usherette trays and our Usherette Trays provide the perfect fit.  With 15 vibrant in stock colour to choose from – or have your own custom colours made for you – there is an usherette tray to suit everyone.  We can even make custom inserts to fit your trays so that you are able to carry popcorn on your usherette tray with ease for efficient vending.

We love seeing our usherette trays used for popcorn sales, there’s something about that sweet smell filling the air to add to the magic of the night.

popcorn usherette tray with double sided overhead branded banner



Contact us now to order yours and don’t forget that we can make your Wicker Usherette Trays and plastic Usherette Trays entirely bespoke and unique to your brand.  This includes pantone colour matching, bespoke inserts, unique and expert design solutions.

Our concession trays are available in a range of 15 stock colours too for super-fast turnaround with zero minimum order quantity.  With worldwide shipping, we’re the mobile vendor tray solution wherever you are in the world.

And we’re already excited to work with you!


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