Ok, well maybe firstly you might think of pre-theatre dinner, the excitement building for the show to start, famous actors making an appearance, drama, music, the interval….  And then, of course, Usherette Trays.

Well perhaps not Usherette Trays precisely, but more the people serving you snacks and refreshments from their Usherette Trays.  A trip to the theatre wouldn’t be complete without being served from an Usherette Tray during the interval.


theatre usherette trays used for ice cream and popcornThis is where Usherette Trays have earned their place in theatre history.  They have become an integral part of the experience of going to the theatre.  They are expected to be there by visitors in the same way that seats are expected to be there!

Iconic Usherette Trays

But how did the humble Usherette Tray get there in the first place?

Well, usually at theatres we see bars, refreshment stalls and often their own restaurants.  So there are plenty of opportunities to get a bite to eat or a refreshing drink before, during the interval and after the performance.  But one problem facing visitors is the volume of people all trying to access the same services at the same time.

So this is where Usherette Trays come in.  They answer a need of the theatre’s customers.  And simultaneously provide another sales outlet (read: sales boost!!) for the theatres.  Everyone gets served and they get served quicker.

There are a few products we usually expect to see being served from Usherette Trays at the theatre: popcorn and ice cream being the main two which instantly jump to mind.  But Usherette Trays at the theatre have been used for everything from sales of bottles of water to sales of programmes and merchandise.

The only limit to how you can use an Usherette Tray is your imagination.



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