An amazing thing happened this last week at Usherette Trays HQ.  Every day brings something new and different for us but on this day, something we’re feeling pretty proud about happened.

We opened our emails, as you do first thing in the morning, to see an email sitting there waiting to be read from our friends at Marshfield Ice Cream.

We’ve worked with the lovely people at Marshfield Ice Cream for years, supplying them with fully branded ice cream Usherette Trays for theatres, ice cream Usherette Trays for cinemas, ice cream Usherette Trays for events, ice cream Usherette Trays for sales and sampling campaigns…. Basically, any way that Marshfield Ice Cream could  use ice cream Usherette Trays to take their delicious multi-award winning ice cream to the people, we have helped them with.

What would a special night out to the theatre be without those heavenly flavours to treat yourself to in the interval?  That’s part and parcel of the experience!

And this is what they had to say:

We buy all of our Usherette Trays from Usherette Trays, not only are they the most robust on the market but their service is quick and efficient.  As a product, Usherette Trays are invaluable to theatres and cinemas in helping increase their sales of Marshfield Ice Cream.

We couldn’t have asked for better feedback if we’d tried!

Marshfield Ice Cream Usherette Trays Proving Invaluable

The truth is we do have a bit of a soft spot for Marshfield, who doesn’t for ice cream – and theirs is so good it’s won awards!

Their sales campaigns work and as you can see Usherette Trays play a big part in that, but hearing this feedback reminds us exactly of how much of an impact our Usherette Trays have in the field of sales and sampling activity.  And the people we work with there are fantastic too which helps us make the very best product we can to fit them as unique customers.

We’re really pleased, as you might be able to tell, with the feedback we’ve received from Marshfield Ice Cream, which is why we’ve been so quick to share it with everyone who will listen!!  Thank you Marshfield Ice Cream, that email made our day.

ice cream usherette trays invaluable for theatres ice cream sales



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And we’re already excited to work with you!


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