Usherette trays are often an overlooked way to enhance a brand. However, wicker sampling trays can be a great way to project a quality image for your business. Wicker is a natural material that suits the branding of natural products and projects a quality image. If you’re looking for a unique way to showcase your brand, consider using wicker usherette trays!

The qualities of natural woven wicker

Wicker has been used for centuries to create a variety of objects, from baskets and furniture to hats and toys. Today, wicker is still a popular material for crafting, due to its natural strength and flexibility. Wicker is made from the stems of plants, such as willow, rattan, and reed. The stems are peeled and then soaked in water, which makes them pliable enough to weave into intricate designs, and perfect for making strong but great looking wicker vending trays. Wicker can be left its natural colour or stained with pigments to create a range of hues. It is also often varnished or lacquered for added durability. Thanks to its unique properties, wicker is an ideal material for creating branded wicker usherette trays and sampling trays made of wicker. Usherette trays are used to serve food and drinks at events, while sampling trays are used to display products in stores or at trade shows. Both types of tray need to be strong enough to support their contents while being light enough to carry easily. Wicker ticks both of these boxes, making it the perfect material for branded wicker usherette trays and wicker sampling trays.

Wicker Usherette Tray

What types of products and brands could be represented by wicker usherette trays?

Wicker usherette trays are the perfect way to showcase natural and organic products. Their rustic look communicates quality and care, making them the perfect choice for brands that want to highlight their organic ingredients. Additionally, wicker’s association with old-style shopping baskets, picnic baskets and the countryside makes it the perfect choice for brands that want to evoke a sense of nostalgia or immediacy. Whether you’re looking for wicker sampling trays or branded wicker usherette trays, there’s a wicker solution that’s perfect for your brand.

What are the particular benefits of our wicker sampling trays?

Our wicker sampling trays are the perfect way to promote your brand while providing a functional and stylish solution for serving food and drinks. We are the world’s largest usherette tray supplier, with huge production capabilities and a 3 year warranty on every unit. Our trays are lightweight and designed for easy manoeuvrability, and our no minimum order requirement means that you can order exactly what you need. We also offer fully customised usherette trays, so you can add your own branding or logos. And, for your peace of mind, we provide a full virtual design of your tray before any payment is made. Our wicker sampling trays are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, ensuring that they will stand up to the rigours of everyday use. So why not take advantage of our great products and superb service today?

branded usherette tray wicker

What I want sampling trays made of other materials?

That’s no problem. We offer a wide range of usherette and sampling trays to suit your needs. All our usherette trays are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Our other sampling trays are made from lightweight plastic and are perfect for carrying small samples of products. We also offer branded plastic usherette trays that can be customised with your company logo or branding. For more information on our usherette and sampling tray range, please contact us today.