We do love to write a little about the wonderful companies we get to work with.  We haven’t had a bad experience yet!

This week we’re looking at our lovely friends at Marshfield Farm Ice-Cream.

Ice Is Nice!

We’ve had the luxury of working with Marshfield Farm Real Dairy Ice Creams for many years now and in that time have also sampled a flavour or two of their heavenly  ice creams – for product testing purposes of course (spoiler: we loved them!).

Marshfield Farm have a brilliant sales strategy that uses Usherette Trays.  With their fully branded mobile Usherette Trays they can reach customers in almost any environment with their enticing luxury ice creams.  And what ice-cream lover could resist, after all they are described as ‘heavenly’ for a reason!

You can find Marshfield Farm selling their ice-creams from Usherette Trays at a whole range of venues across the country, such as the theatre during the interval.  That feels like such an iconic space to have an Usherette Tray selling ice creams.  And for some reason they always seem to taste that little bit extra special while you’re there.  Perhaps it’s the magic of the theatre?

Cool Yule

We’ve supplied Marshfield Farm with hundreds of Usherette Trays over the years and their success seems to keep on building as their portfolio grows.  With more trays ordered we expect to be seeing them wherever we go this year.

This fesive season keep your eyes peeled for them at the next event you go to – and be sure to have a cool yule!!  (Sorry, we just had to!).




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And we’re already excited to work with you!


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