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So as we do, we got chatting today about Christmas events and what gives it that extra bit of Christmas sparkle.  There are so many amazing events around the world throughout December: huge established markets, ice shows and pantomimes to name but a few.

There’s no doubt that a Christmas event can be a huge revenue generator and food and drinks play an essential role in creating that inner feeling of Christmas.  But what exactly did we think were the best bits of Christmas events?  Well, we managed to get it down to our favourite 5, and here they are:

1. The smell of mulled wine

Even those of us who don’t enjoy the taste of it love the smell (though we might be partial to a mulled Cider instead!).  As smells go it’s the very definition of Christmas.  Loved at outdoor events as we stand pleasantly in the cold, hugging a cup of the deep purple coloured liquid for warmth.


2. A cheeky mince pie

Served from an Usherette Tray of course and for that extra Christmas feel, luxury mince pies in our luxury Wicker Vendor Trays.  Clotted cream anyone?  Yes please!


3. Dark skies and twinkling lights

The magic of Christmas is felt everywhere and for some reason we love to be outdoors even when the temperatures plummet.  Dark skies lend perfectly to bright and sparkling decorations.  So much so that there are competitions for the best Christmas light’s display.  So yes, dark skies and twinkling lights are indeed one of our favourite things of Christmas events, because it’s expected that we’ll be blown away by them.  And we always are.

4. Cheesy Christmas tunes

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the cheesy songs and no event would certainly be complete without them either.  They instantly put you in the Christmas mood and bring a smile to your face.  And we’re not ashamed to say that we know every single word to ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’.  Now if that’s the kind of effect you want to have on your visitors then cheesy Christmas music gets the big thumbs up from us.

5. Snow cannons

Adding to the romance of the Christmas season is the fun of the snow cannon.  So we can’t always guarantee a white Christmas.  So what?  When you have a snow cannon at a Christmas event it’s just as good – and with the bonus of not having to deal with greying sludge after, it’s even better.


So we came to realise that the sign of a fantastic Christmas event, big or small, comes down to delighting our senses.  Sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touch all work together to fulfil our expectations of ‘that Christmas feeling’.  And the events that stick out in our minds are those which have been rich in each and every area.



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