How Jagermeister Made 400 Experiential Marketing Trays with Usherette Trays

Here at Usherette Trays we thrive on creative solutions for experiential marketing campaigns. Jagermeister came to us with their ideal end result and we were able to help them get there. 400 experiential marketing trays that helped them promote their brand and distribute samples worldwide in clubs and pubs. Here’s how we did it.

How We Made the Trays
First, we took Jagermeister’s logo and created 3D virtual mockups of their trays paying close attention to the brand guidelines. One this stage has been agreed – the manufacturing process can begin.

With this campaign we then created custom-shaped inserts that slot into the trays. These inserts had Jagermeister’s branding printed on them in line with their guidelines. The inserts were also a tailored fit to accommodate their specific cups and glasses.

The end result was 400 fully branded and customised experiential marketing trays that helped Jagermeister promote their brand and distribute samples worldwide. By working with us, Jagermeister was able to create a unique and eye-catching way to promote their brand while also getting their product into the hands of potential customers.