Blog Title: How Coca Cola’s ‘Coke Zero’ Made a Big Impact at Festivals

When Coca Cola launched Coke Zero, they wanted to make a big impact in crowded festival environments. To do this, they used a fully customised product distribution pack from Usherette trays. This allowed them to achieve maximum visibility! Here’s how they did it.

Coca Cola worked with Usherette to create a rotationally moulded product distribution pack. This type of pack is made by rotating the mould while the material is being poured in, so that the material evenly coats the entire mould resulting in the exact shape of their Coke Zero can. This also results in a more durable and impact-resistant product. The packs were then printed with Coke Zero’s branding and distributed to festivals around the country.

Coke Zero’s rotomoulded product distribution pack was a big hit at festivals! The packs were durable and impact-resistant, so they held up well in crowded environments. And the bright branding was easy to spot, so people could find their way to the Coca Cola booth even in the midst of all the chaos. Thanks to the Usherette team, Coke Zero was able to make a big impact at festivals and gain valuable brand exposure.

If you’re looking for a way to make a big impact at festivals, consider using rotomoulded product distribution packs from Usherette. Our team can help you create Durable and impact-resistant packs that are easy to spot in any crowd. Contact us today to get started!