Usherette trays have been around for decades, but their use has evolved over time. Originally used in cinemas to hand out popcorn and drinks, usherette trays have now become a must-have for promotions. They are perfect for sampling products or distributing flyers and other marketing materials. Additionally, usherette trays can be used as a convenient vending option, making it easy for customers to purchase items without having to leave the premises.

Early Usherette Trays

Usherette trays have a long and interesting history. They were originally developed in the late 19th century as a way to allow theatre ushers to easily carry and distribute samples of food and drink to patrons. The first usherette trays were simple affairs, typically made of wood or metal, with a few compartments. Over time, usherette trays evolved to become more elaborate, with different compartments for different types of food and drink. Some cinema usherette trays even had built-in warming lamps to keep food hot! Today, usherette trays are still used in theatres, cinemas, sports stadia as concession trays, and in other venues. However, usherette trays have come a long way from the early examples and have not just become popular vending trays for businesses such as ice cream shops and coffeehouses, but branded fully customised usherette trays are a must-have promotional tool for businesses, charities, sports teams, events, and more. Whether you’re looking for a way to distribute samples or simply want an eye-catching way to present your product, usherette trays are a great option.

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Today’s usherette trays can be fully customised and branded

and materials, manufacturing, printing, and creative design have come a long way, particularly with the help of technology. This has meant that fully branded usherette trays and custom usherette trays are now widely used. Usherette trays are a versatile and cost-effective way to promote your brand or product. They can be used for sampling, vending, or simply as a way to carry your products from place to place. And because they can be customised with your logo or branding, they’re an ideal way to make a lasting impression on your customers. Whether you’re looking for a simple black-and-white design or something more colourful and eye-catching, branded usherette trays can be designed and manufactured to suit your needs. Also because they’re so lightweight and easy to carry, usherette trays are a great solution for any business that needs to transport its products from one location to another. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to promote your brand or product, usherette trays are an ideal solution.

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Modern variations also possible

With today’s usherette trays, any number of modern variations are now possible. Examples include branded mobile drink-serving equipment and drink sample trays with individual compartments. Also, usherette trays can be manufactured in different shapes and in very different materials e.g., plastic or natural wicker.

Usherette Trays Budlight Branded

Help achieve a number of marketing and promotional goals

Rather than simply being used as a tray to sell food and drink from during intervals, branded usherette trays can be used to help achieve a number of promotional goals. These include raising brand and new product awareness, encouraging the trial of new products and gathering feedback about them, achieving coverage and repetition at events, and supporting advertising campaigns.