Usherette Trays, vendor trays, there are many terms for the same thing.

In this article we look at what this product is and several of the main uses of: Usherette Trays.

What are they made of? Where do they come from? Who uses them and why?

As a leading manufacturer, we’ll try and briefly answer some of the top FAQs relating to usherette trays.

What Are Usherette Trays?

Usherette trays / vending trays / concession trays, are just some of the terms to describe a portable tray with a strap around the neck.

These versatile hands-free vendor trays are used to sell or give samples of products to the public in a variety of venues.

Whether in cinemas, theatres, at events, trade shows or stadia, usherette trays have two main purposes.

Usherette trays provide both a convenient way to distribute products on foot and promote a brand.

usherette trays blue plastic with straps cinema food tray

What’s The History of Usherette Trays?

As the name suggests, usherette trays were originally, and are still sometimes carried by cinema and theatre usherettes.

Theatre usherettes showed people to their seats and performed other selling and customer service roles.

Products were sold from the trays, usually during the interval, included ice creams / cinema ice cream trays, nuts, chocolate, popcorn, sweets, and even cigarettes.

In the US, for example these are often called concession trays because a sports stadium grants the right to sell food to a certain provider

What Are Usherette Trays Made Of?

Our plastic usherette trays are made of durable polyethylene with a 3-year warranty. This means that trays can be different colours, and will last a long time.

Wicker sampling trays can also be made from handpicked willow.

These are finished in food-safe varnish and have a brown harness with padded shoulder protection. They also include a four-point cross belt to aid support.

Can Usherette Trays Be Fully Branded and Customised?

Yes, Usherette trays can be fully branded with the tray in the brand’s colours, and the company’s logo and slogans.

There are artwork spaces on the front, back, sides, and (for wicker) on a raised banner space to maximise custom branding.

We are happy also to discuss your branding needs and offer innovative ideas such as special custom inserts, 3D banners, customised artwork.

Branded usherette trays are a very popular promotional tool at trade events, for example.

usherette tray wickerbranded usherette trays red plastic

How Do I Buy Usherette Trays?

Contact us today to discuss your campaign and we will help find the perfect solution to your mobile vending needs.

Custom Usherette Tray colours and bulk discounts are available on request, and there is no minimum order.