We often talk on our blog about some of the clients we work with so that we can show you how versatile and robust our Usherette Trays are and how other people are using them with great impact.   Usually this would follow with a piece about a big named client and some really lovely images of them using their branded Usherette Trays out in the field, to the delight of their customers.

Well today is going to be slightly different…

Yes, we fully intend to show you a branded Usherette Tray being used in the field to great effect, but this is no big name, no big company, no marketing department generating fresh ideas for their next campaign.  This is 1 person making an impact in their corner of the world and we’re delighted to say that Usherette Trays could be a part of that.

We’d like you to take a moment today to read their rather humbling story, that shows exactly what the Usherette Tray was always designed to do:

My daughter had her first fundraising event last night and the Usherette Tray was a big success.

The event was a firework show at a local school.  It was poignant as this great school is being closed down by the District Council despite local campaigning.  The fight was lost this summer, so this Firework show was the last one….going out with a bang!

We had a static stall and Caroline*, our daughter was roaming with the tray.  We were selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Anyway I wanted to tell you that the tray gave our shy daughter a huge amount of confidence and she loved being on the move with her sisters and a few friends, bumping into lots of current and former school pals, parents and teachers.

I really think the tray made our evening.

Caroline* was so grateful to us (parents) for thinking of it and supporting her fundraising, so we have a few brownie points as well.  Overall she raised about £350 profit which is a great start.  I enclose a photo that we will soon add to her fundraising page once we have finalised the total.  It is of Caroline* and sister Abi*..look how happy they are!

Thanks for the great product. I’m thinking about when we can use it again!



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*Names changed to protect identity.