We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to tell you about our work with one exciting new customer – Subway and their Usherette Trays.

If you don’t already know, Subway is a bit of a sandwich giant!  Not only do they offer ‘subs’ a whole foot long in size, but they are world famous and popping up in more and more towns around the UK.  There’s nothing quite like a Subway and judging by their growing number of stores, it looks like their customers think so too.

Subway and Usherette Trays

We were lucky enough to receive the phone call from one Subway store franchisee looking for an innovative way to reach his market and tell them about his new Subway store grand opening – and we knew we had just the thing!

Adam Darlow, the franchisee, has opened his first franchise of Subway near Newport with plans to open more stores in the future.  For the store opening he wanted to shout from the rooftops but needed a specific and highly effective way to reach his target market.  This is where Usherette Trays stepped in.

Subway and Usherette Trays – what a combination.

The Sub Success Story

Adam’s team used the Usherette Tray, fully branded with the Subway logo, to deliver Subway ‘subs’ to people out on the streets and in the crowds during key footfall times.  The aim of this was to be able to approach people in a way that they would be well received – and who wouldn’t want to be approached by someone offering you delicious food?!

This method of working gave Adam’s team an opportunity to talk to people to tell them the new store had opened and where to find them as well as hand them promotional materials including coupons to encourage in store sales over the coming weeks.  So in one easy step he was able to provide a positive interaction between Subway and potential future customers, raise awareness of the new store and using coupons he generated sales and footfall for the weeks post his Usherette Tray activity.

Now that Adam has his fully branded Usherette Tray, he has a tool that he can use for promotion after promotion.  At key times of year he can push for even greater sales, and at traditionally slower times he can use it to generate better sales results for his store too.  Being robust enough to last a lifetime, Adam is confident he will be using the Usherette Tray again and again.  And when his next store opens, he can use it for promotions there too – providing greater value for money and a greater return on investment.

The Subway and Usherette Trays promotion was a success and we’re looking forward to working with them again very soon.



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