There are many locations and situations where the convenience of a portable vending tray is not just convenient but can also support your brand and marketing efforts. Here we look at how mobile vendor trays can be vital showcasing tool at trade shows and similar events.

Vending Trays With A Strap – Perfect For Trade Shows

Portable, branded vending trays (also known as usherette trays) are a promotions and sales tool that can help showcase and raise awareness about your products and your brand in a way that really stands out. Some of the reasons why vending trays work so well at trade shows and similar events are:

vending tray branded usherette tray with strap

Vending Drinks Tray – Snacks, Samples, Refreshments and More

In addition to showcasing a brand and products, and being a way to start important business conversations, branded vendor trays also serve a very practical promotion and sales purpose. Vending trays offer a handy way to distribute product samples. Since they essentially usherette vending drinks trays and cinema ice cream and snack trays, they can work particularly well for companies that make food or drink products.

Vending trays, therefore, offer a unique, proven way to showcase at shows!