Usherette trays are a valuable face-to-face serving and promotional tool but how much more effective are the branded versions? Here we take a look at branded Vs unbranded Usherette Trays.

Why Branded Usherette Trays?

Branding of promotional items and materials plays a vital role in re-enforcement of the brand attributes, values, positive associations.  These have been established, at cost, over time e.g., the brand messages conveyed by advertising, packaging and more. Branding near point-of-purchase e.g., actually on or represented by the usherette tray / cinema usherette tray / sample tray can play a vital reminder role that can stimulate purchase. In this way, branding on an usherette tray can aid conversion and be the motivation to complete the last part of the buying cycle.  It is more likely, however, that the kind of impulse buying that is associated with low involvement by instantly rewarding products such as ice cream and snacks.

usherette tray branded

Examples of Branded Usherette Trays

Some examples of branded usherette trays that have proven to be really effective include:

Unbranded / Non-Branded Usherette Trays

One of the big advantages of unbranded / non-branded usherette trays is their flexibility in terms of how many different campaigns and purposes they can be used for. Although the same plastic moulded, wicker, or deluxe-style tray can be made without a particular logo attached, these non-branded, durable trays can serve multiple promotional and direct selling purposes over many years. This means that although they may not be fully branded and customised, they can still be effective and represent excellent value for money.

Branded Vs Unbranded Usherette Trays – The Conclusion?

For maximum impact and relevance to specific brands, campaigns, and products, fully customised, branded usherette trays are a popular choice. For those companies or organisations looking for a more general and practical face-to-face promotions and selling tool, non-branded versions offer an effective and long-lasting solution. As a promotional tool, whether branded or unbranded, usherette trays are adaptable, convenient, portable, and value-adding in terms of service delivery and point-of-sale/sample effectiveness.