Although many people now refer to them as usherette trays, a cinema food tray or cinema snack tray was, and in some places still is a feature of going to movies. So what are cinema food and snack trays and why are they so popular?

Cinema Ice Cream Tray for Usherettes

Cinema and theatre usherettes in the UK have traditional had many different jobs as part of their important role.  Cinema usherettes have a number of roles including checking tickets, directing guiding people to their seats, and helping with safety. Cinema usherettes are also likely to serve snacks including ice cream and popcorn as well as drinks.  These are served from a portable vending tray with as strap (also known as a concession tray) in intervals e.g., between the opening adverts and trailers and the film.  In the theatre, there is usually interval half-way through live performances.

plastic usherette tray

Advantages of a Cinema Snack Usherette Tray

An usherette’s cinema snack tray / ice cream tray / food tray is still in popular use, but is now used in many different settings. The main advantages that these usherette trays offer are that:

In a cinema/theatre setting, customers don’t need to leave the auditorium. This means greater convenience for the customer and helps to ensure that the film/production can resume with many people already back in their seats.

An usherette with a cinema ice cream tray can prompt more unplanned purchases, thereby increasing revenue.

Cinema snack food trays can be used to serve a variety of products such as ice creams, popcorn and drinks.  In days gone by, these trays were also known as cigarette girl tray. Sometimes they are also referred to as concession trays because the venue has given the right to sell food from a tray to a certain provider, the contract for which is called a concession.

The portable nature of a vending tray with a strap around the neck means that it is easy and fast to stock and deploy, and it is easy to pack away afterwards meaning that the usherette can quickly return to their position behind the audience so that they can perform their other roles.

Usherette trays / cinema food trays / popcorn trays can be manufactured from multiple materials and branded. This gives important extra exposure to brands, informs the customer about what is in the tray, and can help to re-enforce messages communicated through advertising.

Branded Usherette Trays

Today’s trays can be fully customised to include brand colours, logos, and more, thereby incorporating many creative ideas and maximising their compatibility with promotions strategies, plans and tactics. This increases the consistency of marketing messages, and the speed with which new trays can be completed and delivered gives companies the speed and flexibility that they need to compete effectively in the marketplace with other promotional campaigns.

Order Cinema Food Trays

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