What makes these Usherette Trays so different is that they are molded in the UK, every aspect of them is customisable to get the closest match to the brand, right from the initial deigns to the custom brand colour match and accompanying fully branded sticker set. Also, these Usherette trays can be ordered in any quantity, and orders can be fulfilled for international projects (to 110 countries!) in addition to nationwide delivery. It is worth remembering too that there is a 3-year warranty on these plastic usherette trays, and they represent an extremely cost-effective way to efficiently distribute your product and get your customers talking.

Usherette Trays – Materials

Our Usherette Trays are made from polyethylene or wicker for example.  The great thing about wicker is that it’s natural, sustainable, biodegradable, and its use supports a valued rural West Country reed-cutting industry and tradition. Polyethylene trays benefit from the material’s strength and impact resistance.  Also, it is water resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easy to keep clean, and HDPE can be recycled into other products. The fact that it can be so easily molded, coloured, and made to different thicknesses also makes it an ideal material for customised, fully branded Usherette Trays.

Wagamma Custom Concessions Usherette Tray

Multiple Uses

Usherette Trays like these have multiple possible uses in many different settings and circumstances. For example, these mobile vending trays can also be used for stadia sales and event sales, conferences and corporate events, product sampling, guerrilla marketing, in-store promotions, and more.


A Long way From The Original Usherette Trays

Our Usherette Trays may be hands-free mobile vendor trays like the original versions, but that’s where the similarity ends. Whereas the original trays date back to the 19th century, when they were commonly uses as a sales and promotions tool in cinemas and theatres and were especially popular in the heyday of the user’s profession back in the 1930s-1950s, they were certainly not as flexible in design possibilities as todays. Original usherette trays would have been made from less durable materials, would not have been available in the colour/branding possibilities or order numbers of the modern version.

Your Key Decision-Making factors

When it comes to the key decision-making factors for choosing usherette trays, we know that these include design options, delivery quantity and speed of delivery.  These usherette trays can be fully customised, and delivery normally takes no more that 3 days.  Price is clearly a factor, but this will depend upon the design requirements and quantity required which varies depending on the individual customer’s needs.

Usherette Trays – That Special Close-Up Human Factor

In addition to the practical aspects of these trays, they provide an important way for companies to get close to their customers, gain useful marketing information, add value to the brand in the marketplace in a personal and human way, and reach customers anywhere, including in their own environment, thereby making them more receptive.

usherette tray blue plastic with straps

In An Automated World, Human Interaction In Marketing Stands Out

There are also fun, interesting, and engaging elements to buying or obtaining samples via a person with an usherette tray. Surveys have shown that customers enjoy human interaction with their shopping.  For example, a Sensormatic Solutions survey (Jan 2020) showed that 64% of consumers prefer to engage with associates over robots while shopping in-store, and Calabrio study (2018) found that 79 percent of consumers would rather interact with a human when shopping rather than a digital tool e.g., chatbot or self-service channel. In an age of online and smartphone shopping, usherette trays provide the kind of welcome human interaction that really stands out, invites consumers interest in a feel-good way, and makes customers more focused and proactive as they engage with this important brand tool.