How many Usherette Tray colours are our concession trays available in?  You may think the obvious answer is 15 vibrant colours, as the home page of our website enthusiastically informs you.  However, the truth is, that’s not entirely the correct answer at all.


Usherette Tray Colours – In Stock Availability

Yes it is true that we keep our Usherette Tray concession trays in stock for super-fast turnaround.  And yes it is true that our stockUsherette Tray colours consist of 15 vibrant colours.  These include:

  1. Yellow concession tray
  2. Red concession tray
  3. Orange concession tray
  4. Blue concession tray
  5. White concession tray
  6. Black concession tray
  7. Brown concession tray
  8. Pink concession tray
  9. Purple concession tray
  10. Green concession tray
  11. And more!


Did you know there is NO minimum order on our in-stock Usherette Trays?  This means you can order as little as 1 tray, fully branded with your artwork.

Contact us today to discuss your Usherette Tray colour requirements.

Green concession tray by Usherette Trays


Usherette Trays Colours – Bespoke Colours

In addition to our range of 15 vibrant in stock colours, we also offer our unique bespoke colour service.  As far as we know, to date, we are the only Usherette Tray concession tray manufacturer in the world to be able to offer this service!

It means that your Usherette Trays can be colour matched precisely to the colour in your logo, brand colour or any other colour.  We can even pantone match where precise colour replication of a specific pantone colour is required.  With colour matched trays and your company branding, your Usherette Trays concession trays become 100% unique to you, your brand and promotion.

Even more uniquely, our bespoke trays can be produced for you from as few as 50 units!

Orange Concession tray with straps and branding

So, How Many Colours do Our Concession Trays Come in?

The true answer to this question is…


The world is your oyster when it comes to your Usherette Tray colour choice for your promotion.  If fast turnaround is what you seek, then our range of 15 in stock colours is your answer.  If a brand specific colour is needed, then our bespoke service is for you!

As we can colour match your Usherette Tray concession tray we really can make Usherette Trays in any colour.



Contact us now to order yours and don’t forget that we can make your Wicker Usherette Trays and plastic Usherette Trays entirely bespoke and unique to your brand.  This includes pantone colour matching, bespoke inserts, unique and expert design solutions.

Our concession trays are available in a range of 15 stock colours too for super-fast turnaround with zero minimum order quantity.  With worldwide shipping, we’re the mobile vendor tray solution wherever you are in the world.

And we’re already excited to work with you!


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