Today we’d like to discuss some of the frequently asked questions about our Usherette Tray that we hear from our customers.  We’d like you to have all this information in one easy place, so here we go!!

(PS.  If there’s anything we’ve missed that you’d like to know more about, please do get in contact with us using the contact form here.)


Top 5 FAQs About the Usherette Tray:

1. What colours are available and are they in stock?

We have a full range of 15 colours that we keep in stock in our warehouse.  Our Usherette Tray stock colours include:

Yellow plastic mobile vendor tray by Usherette Trays



2. Can my Usherette Tray be branded?

YES!  All of our Usherette Trays, whether off the shelf or bespoke options, can be fully branded.  Branding is what makes your trays unique to you and instantly recognisable to your customers.

Ask us and we will be more than happy to put your artwork together for you, as our in-house designers have years of expert experience.


3. What bespoke options are there?

We’re glad you asked – bespoke Usherette Trays are our favourite thing!

Whatever your ideas, we can provide a solution for you.  Bespoke options we have created before include:


4. How much stock can the Usherette Tray hold?

The Usherette Tray is designed to hold up to 10kg of your stock to be sold / sampled.  However, wearer comfort and safety is of course priority and as everyone is different we suggest working to the load that the individual wearer is comfortable with, not exceeding 10kg.


5. What is the minimum order quantity?

At Usherette Trays we aim to provide a solution for every business.  So, if you want just 1 Usherette Tray, then you can pick from our range of 15 vibrant in-stock colours.  We can then add your branding to your trays to completely personalise them to your company / campaign.

If, however you would like a completely bespoke tray then our minimum order quantity is as low at just 50 units.  Usherette Trays can be pantone matched to your brand colour, have customised inserts and more.  Whatever you are looking for we can provide the solution!

There is no upper limit to our order quantities so for larger orders get in touch and we can discuss our fast turnaround times.


Your Questions Answered

We do hope this answers any of your questions about our Usherette Tray, but please do get in touch if we can be of help with anything else.  And if you’d like to read more about our Usherette Trays, we think you might be interested in this:

Key Features of Our Concession Trays.



Contact us now to order yours and don’t forget that we can make your Wicker Usherette Trays and plastic Usherette Trays entirely bespoke and unique to your brand.  This includes pantone colour matching, bespoke inserts, unique and expert design solutions.  Our concession trays are available in a range of 15 stock colours too for super-fast turnaround with zero minimum order quantity.  With worldwide shipping, we’re the mobile vendor tray solution wherever you are in the world.

And we’re already excited to work with you!


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