Product sampling for a big brand such as Wagamama can spell only 1 thing… ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!  And the very best bit?  Our very own Usherette Trays concession trays were the mobile sampling tray that did it, in beautiful black and white colouring.

Every day at Usherette Trays brings something new

It is very grounding to know that we provide the mobile vendor tray solution for such high-profile customers.  Each brand has their own unique identity and as such are looking for a new and exciting way to generate interaction with their products, all whilst boosting sales.  Which is exactly where our own products provide the perfect fit, especially with our custom insert options and complete bespoke service.

We really were delighted at the prospect of working with oriental cuisine giants Wagamama, who were looking for a way to interact with potential customers through sampling activity.  Using our Usherette Tray concession trays meant that they could be in the right place, at the right time and reach the right people… Just as they were deciding what to have for their lunch – genius.

As we well know, once you’ve sampled the delights of Wagamama that really does set the bar!


The impact of quality concession yrays

Wagamama were thrilled with our Usherette Trays – the concession trays with strap included in the price – which allow the wear to comfortably distribute up to 10kg of delicious samples hands free, taking samples and products directly to the consumer – the perfect fit for their lunchtime sales drive.

With a brand like Wagamama, sampling activity is always going to be well received.  Taking the product out to consumers to sample is going to be a successful strategy – who would say no??

Engagement with consumers in this way opens up so many doors for brand communications.  The fully briefed vendor has the opportunity to talk up the brand, educate consumers on where to buy and push real sales through the door.  Creating a positive brand experience, mobile vendors create that spark, that moment where consumers can fall in love with with a brand.

Working with Wagamama was a dream, they even sent pictures showcasing their fully branded Usherette Trays in action – which made our day.  The simplicity of using black branding on a white tray looks really impactful and works in perfect symmetry with their store-front branding.

So, if you spot Wagamama’s team sampling delicious noodles in a town near you, the chances are we made the trays they are using!



Contact us now to order yours and don’t forget that we can make your Wicker Usherette Trays and plastic Usherette Trays entirely bespoke and unique to your brand.  This includes pantone colour matching, bespoke inserts, unique and expert design solutions.  Our concession trays are available in a range of 15 stock colours too for super-fast turnaround with zero minimum order quantity.  With worldwide shipping, we’re the mobile vendor tray solution wherever you are in the world.

And we’re already excited to work with you!


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