Did you know that our high quality concession tray comes with strap included?   Included in the price, included with the product, included in our service.  Would you expect anything less from a leading manufacturer?!

Our concession tray is the highest quality on the market and uniquely we can pantone colour match your concession tray to your brand colour OR you can choose from 15 vibrant colours that we keep in stock at all times.  We haven’t found anyone else in the world who is able to say they can do that!

Once you have selected your concession tray colour – and don’t forget every concession tray comes with free straps – we can fully brand your trays with your brand logo / marketing messaging.  With our bold and vibrant colours your branding will jump out and customers will be queuing for your products!

Our concession tray with strap included in the price only at Usherette Trays


10 Reasons Usherette Trays Are Loved Worldwide

At Usherette Trays we pride ourselves on going places other companies simply can’t, in order to provide products that fit like a glove to each and every one of our customers.  That’s why we can say we can pantone match your trays to match your individual brand colour, we can provide a huge choice of 15 in stock colours at any time and we can brand each and every tray with your logo / brand messages.  Here’s the top 10 reasons why Usherette Trays really are so good at what we do:

  1. We use only the highest quality products in order to make high quality Usherette Trays that will last.
  2. We can pantone / colour match your concession trays to match your brand colour perfectly, making them perfectly unique you!
  3. We keep 15 vibrant colours of concession trays in stock at all times – the widest range on the market WORLDWIDE!
  4. We are able to brand each and every unit for you – complete your concession trays with company logo and brand messages.
  5. We provide the FASTEST turnaround so your concession trays are ready for your promotion in a flash!
  6. We deliver WORLDWIDE via UPS worldwide delivery.  We can even split your delivery to deliver your concession trays to multiple countries – saving you huge logistical headaches and delivering your concession trays faster!
  7. NO minimum order quantity on in stock colours – this means you can order from just 1 concession tray and we’ll even brand it for you.
  8. We offer a completely BESPOKE solution – so if you need something that an ‘off the shelf’ model doesn’t quite fit with, or you’d like something totally unique and off the wall, then we can custom design concession trays around you.
  9. We produce accessories for your concession tray that fit perfectly, such as spare straps and money trays.
  10. We can design and manufacture completely custom inserts for your concession trays to fit your products and promotions like a glove.



Contact us now to order yours and don’t forget that we can make your Usherette Trays entirely bespoke and unique to your brand, including pantone colour matching.  We’re already excited to work with you!


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