As a portable, high-visibility branding tool a branded usherette tray can be a tangible, supporting element of company’s promotional mix.  Here are 5 ways that a branded usherette tray helps to promote your business.

  1. Support for current campaigns and new products.
  2. Grabbing attention.
  3. Physical interaction and conversation.
  4. Flexibility.
  5. Durability.

usherette tray branded

1.Support for current campaigns and new products.

In public settings e.g., as an usherette tray / cinema food tray or at indoor or outdoor events, a vendor tray with a strap in company / product brand colours can function as sales trigger and a reminder. In this way a fully branded usherette tray can be effective at supporting current promotional campaigns.  It can also support new product launches e.g., by offering product samples. Seeing the brand on the tray can have boosting, value-adding effect on the branding.  It can also strengthen associations built through advertising, and prompt action / completion of the last part of the buying cycle.

2. Grabbing attention.

A branded usherette tray with a strap, carried by a person who may also be wearing clothing consistent with a brand grabs attention. Psychologically, the tray creates intrigue and suggests the promise of satisfaction in the form of food. This may come from associations with the reward of ice cream from cinema usherette trays.

3. Physical interaction and conversation.

Opportunities for interaction between brands and customers don’t just happen online or in shops. Promotional tools such as branded usherette trays can attract interaction with the holder/carrier. This can allow questions to be asked, insights to be gained, some of which, at a trade show for example, could be enough to trigger interest and orders.

4. Flexibility

There is a great deal of scope for branding options in terms of colours, shapes, materials, logos, custom elements (custom inserts, 3D banners, customised artwork). Also the flexibility in quantities (no minimum order) makes the usherette tray a very flexible promotional tool. The fact that branded usherette trays are relatively small and portable means that they can be deployed in many different settings. This adds to their overall flexibility. A tray can also be used to carry a multitude of different products/samples/items.

5. Durability

Branded usherette trays are made from strong but lightweight moulded polyethylene in a double-layered design or classic but strong wicker, making them durable. The wicker, developed from quality handpicked willow, and with a 3-year warranty per unit means that they are also durable. This durability makes branded usherette trays long-lasting and, therefore, excellent value for money as they can stay looking good and be used again and again.